16.07.22 w/ the caribbean @ monnik

it shows how much i think about this website post-social media explosion that  i’ve been spamming the heck out of facebook and twitter and forgot to post on my own tiny corner of the internet.  anyway, i played last night at the mighty monnik beer co. with my pals the caribbean.  it was fun and if you didn’t know because i didn’t post here, well that’s a shame and i’ll double my efforts to be vaguely diligent in adding to the noise of the internet.  here’s a flyer and a recording of my set so you can feel like you were there.


16.06.17 w/ exacta cube and bary center @ kaiju

hi, i’m playing a more techno set (as much i can pull that off, it may still be warped) with pals exacta cube and bary center at kaiju on friday, june 17th.  facebook event page is here.


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