18.07.17 @ kin ship in charleston, wv

Started listening and sorting through set recordings from the tour.  I mixed things up quite a bit from show to show and enjoyed challenging myself and taking some chances.  The idea of playing a similar set for 14 or whatever shows was really not appetizing.  Anyway, Charleston, WV was probably the most satisfying from start to finish.  Maybe that’s a sign I should’ve been bolder with my chances that night?  Thanks to Dan and Hillary at Kin Ship for having us.


new old / old new

So, Hometapes just sent me a bunch of vinyl and CDs of old Shedding releases. Just to be clear, they are dead, I am not. Email me at shedding.sounds_AT_gmail_DOT_com if you’d like to order anything. As for ordering direct via Bandcamp, blargh, maybe I’ll get around to embedding some way to order direct, but I’m feeling a bit like Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon this afternoon.
Newly revived/arrived (price doesn’t include shipping):
  • 2010: Tear in the Sun vinyl LP ($15)
  • 2007: Dead In the Water CDr ($5)
  • 2006: What God… CD ($8)/vinyl LP ($15)
  • 2003: Now I’m Shedding 25ish minute vinyl EP ($10)

18.07.__ summer tour with josh mason

hello, i’m excited to be playing some shows with my friend josh mason this july.  i’m also playing three shows before meeting up with him hopefully.

shows with josh mason.  we’ll have a split tape available for the tour lovingly titled ‘karl’…