19.07 milwaukee and chicago


i’m pleased to let you know that i’ll be performing a couple shows this summer after visiting a very special lake up north in wisconsin where my mother wanted her ashes spread.

i had hoped to have a new cd ready for release in time, but it wasn’t meant to be.  more on that later.  in the interest of contextualizing what i’m up to for these shows, my friends encouraged me to write a little blurb:

Over the past four years, I’ve been inspired by the movement of bird flocks to explore the relationship between chaos and order in nature. Once the musical environments have been developed, without any traditional sequenced patterns, the goal has been to react to that intentional volatility and explore the permutations of perceived order within the chaos.

There’s also an intent to deal with restraint as a reaction to the frequent excess in electronic music in a variety of ways. My reaction to the excess of sound means that about three-fourths of the set is comprised of a 2 second sample of 32 single cycle waveforms. The other quarter of raw sound is a handful of hi-hat samples and one kick drum sample. The restraint is also a reaction to the commodification and fetishization of gear within electronic music. This often leads to shallow exploration. Because of that I wanted to focus on a single complex, but compact, tool.


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I don’t think I posted this review of “Wave to the Wind” by Syd Bishop in the LEO Weekly over the summer, so here is a link.  Here is the text:

Shedding has always been about existing in a constant state of evolution. The project has remained largely the solo domain of Connor Bell, who has used Shedding as a platform to explore his multifaceted interests, which have materialized in the past through singer-songwriter fare, an indie band and found sounds. Currently using modular synthesis as his muse, Wave to the Wind underscores his core manifesto, a sonic landscape that shifts from track to track, growing and mutating throughout. Bell explores tiny sounds that flutter in and out of existence, an almost gaseous fluidity to the movements that expand the basic concept of composition in interesting ways. —Syd Bishop

Both Shedding tapes that Obsolete Staircases put out this year were included in the Tabs Out ‘top 200’ this year.  I’m not a big lists kind of person, but I am thankful to everyone who listens and even more thankful to anyone who enjoys what they hear.  So here is a link to their list.

Finally, I’m holed up trying to be productive and exploring various Flocking themes with the idea of playing a few shows next summer with a very tight focus.  I’ve also decided to stop updating Facebook.  That place has gotten increasingly creepy and functionally pointless due to the manipulation of what you can see, so – don’t bother going to my page there anymore.

Hope everyone had a wonderful year, see you in 2019.