15.09.22 w/ rafael toral and pete fosco @ dreamland

i’m very excited to be playing this tuesday with rafael toral and pete fosco at dreamland here in louisville, ky.  my friend jonah o’neil is accompanying my set with visuals and we’ve been working hard on developing a meaningful audiooptic experience.  afterwards, things will likely quiet down here during the winter.

in the meantime, don’t forget that two new releases came out this year.  in the spring, city state tapes put out a tape called ‘plod and play, vol. 1’ release.  these were a collection of old tone poems that i have gradually compiled over the years.  a second volume will hopefully eventually be released.  later in the summer, west main development put out a cd called ‘four of five in six and seven’, a collage of live recordings from the previous six months prior to release.  i hope you enjoy both.