20.01.31 – flocking kf variations


on january 31st the wonderful fluf based in copenhagen, dk will release a collection of 62 micro-songs of flocking explorations from the 2018 tour with my pal josh mason. this will be a cdep and naturally available for download as well. here’s what tuuun had to say on the bandcamp page:

FLUF 30 is Flocking KF Variations by shedding, a tightly-focused collection of 62 micro tracks that relax and contract in unpredictable yet familiar ways. Taken from live recordings of a North American tour, these vital sounds are full of high frequency energy that jumps from the speakers and nestles deep in your cochleas. In a good way.

Flocking KF Variations is released on CD and digitally. Whatever your playback medium, we strongly suggest these tracks be shuffled, allowing them to Flock as nature intended.