fall excursion (23.10.19-23.10.22) + GERUNDS show (23.11.12)

hi all, life is starting to get back to normal after a weird few years of personal and global drama. i haven’t played a shedding show in many years. no one in louisville really asks anymore and frankly i’m not that motivated to play to the same friends so much anyway. so between that and the tumult, my first shows in over four years are coming up in october. three of these shows i’m excited to be doing with my buddy andrew fitzpatrick. it’ll be great to discuss the finer points of big black ‘songs about fucking’ or helmet ‘betty’ in the car like we did so many years ago when i toured with his old band all tiny creatures. there’ll be some old friends and venues and some new friends and new venues. all the info on shedding shows is below. i’ll be sharing some new flock studies i’ve been working on.

finally, my friend dustin (aka hairbrushing and fellow founding member of the free electronic association of louisville) and i will be doing our mutant techno duo GERUNDS in november. might as well share that here too. we don’t do that so often either, so i’m excited.

sunday, 23.11.12 GERUNDS with jon mueller and a jon mueller / tim barnes performance at camp social club in louisville, ky