With the ever changing landscape of music commerce sites, I’m sort of over trying to keep up, or at least over feeling the rush to deal with setting up new accounts with new sites that will only become unseemly as they grow and embrace the financial urges that contradict their theoretical mission. It also takes time and energy from what the priority is for me: making music. With the idea of maybe not feeling that pressure to jump from one site to another, my releases will be available here. Just click on the zip at the bottom of this page, which will include the cover art, some text, and WAV and 320 kbps MP3. If nothing else, this will be a stable and reliable foundation for my releases to be available.

For now, I’ll continue adding releases to Bandcamp too. The links from the images below will continue to take you to Bandcamp and at the bottom of this page you’ll see direct links to any ZIP you want. If you feel compelled to pay for any of the music you may download here, feel free to send money via Paypal at

If you don’t send me money, that’s totally cool, but I humbly ask that you NOT continue to direct money to the wealthy venture capitalists who are disproportionately profiting from the creative work of those who are overwhelmingly struggling. So go to a show. Buy a record directly from a musician. Support artists, not investors.